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  • What does education mean to Zydus School for Excellence?
  • The Zydus School For Excellence believes in: “ The Philosophy of Learning and Teaching with Responsibility by Instilling Character Building Values through Education and Example.”



What is the strength of the school?
The stregth of the school is 1500-2000


  • What is the key feature of assembly at ZSE-Vejlpur?
  • The key feature of assembles is teaching secularism,honing the talent of students and inclulcating traditional Indian values..
  • What kind of excursions/trips are provided by the school?
  • Scheduled Anala trips,Ahmedabad Darshan,Educational tours.
  • Do you have qualified teachers?

Yes.Teachers are well qualified and trained as per ICSE/ISC norms.


  • How do you appoint the teachers? What is the criteria for appointing the teachers?

Teachers are appointed after interviews and observing demo classes.


  • Which documents are required to be submitted along with the registration for admission?

For admission in Junior KG,demand draft,original birth certificate ,vaccination-blood group details mainly.For admission in higher classes previous year mark sheets and transfer certificate.


  • In what ways fees can be paid?

Fees can be paid quarterly through bank only.


  • What is the age criteria for admission in JR kg?

A child should be 3.5 years and not more than 4.5 years old as on 31st March of the year of admission for Jr kg. 


  • Should a copy of the registration for be kept with parents?

Yes,please retain the copy of registration form,demand draft/banker's cheque for future reference.


  • Do you have online admission forms?



  • Where & how can we download the application form?

It can be downloaded from our web site www.zydusschool.org


  • What are the fees at (different levels)? Can you explain me the fee structure?

Please refer the school website


  • My child has never studied Hindi/Sanskrit/French , can he still be admitted in your school?

It depends on the overall performance of the child.


  • Can we get reference from current parents in our neighbourhood?

No. We will be conducting parent's orientation in the beginning of the school year and other relevant seminars workshops will be held at frequent intervals, which will give you several opportunities to interact with other parents.


  • We are not completely sure about our relocation/transfer at this time. Can you reserve a seat for my child for the next year?





  • How can we receive information from school?

Most of the communication to the parents is done through circulars and almanac (student’s diary)


  • How shall we be informed if the school needs to close down due to an emergency?

Through phone chain and sms.


  • What is the teaching methodology followed at Zydus School?

At Zydus , we believe in “ Learning by doing”. The methodology will be a mix of play-way and traditional methods. In higher classes activities are performed by the students in groups to understand the concept. Traditional method of teaching (Chalk and talk) is also used.In higher classes, difficult concepts are explained with visual aids like animation, power point presentation, using the models etc.


  • What is the school uniform for Jr.KG?

For Girls- Denim pinafore and yellow T-shirt.
For Boys- Denim shorts and yellow T-shirt.
i. The uniform is available at: i) Pintoo garments at Shivranjini and Stadium road  ii) Goldee Garments, near Manasi Circle


  • What is the school uniform for other classes?

For Girls- Denim skirt
For Boys- Denim shorts (till class V) Denim trousers (for higher classes)


  • What is the admission process for Jr. KG?

Interaction with the parents and pupils.


  • Can we take the child home early if needed?

Students are allowed to leave early only if there is a medical extingency or an exigency after getting permission from the Principal.


  • What is the procedure to be followed when a child does not feel well or is injured in the school?

Parents can come and collect the child after signing in the register. If both the parents are working, guardian should be nominated and should be allowed to collect the child.


  • Are school trips and tours compulsory for students?

It is not compulsory but projects and assignments may be based on these in any subject and there is no alternative to first hand learning.


  • What is the admission procedure to the classes I to X?

Student has to appear for an entrance exam. (Subject to vacancy in the desired class)




  • Which board does the school follow?

Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations:  ICSE/ISC.


  • Is this board an international board?

No, this is not an international board . It is run by an Indian body.


  • What is the scope of ICSE students in their career and future profession?

At the end of school education pass outs from ICSE/ISC are at par with students of any other   board therefore all career options are available to the students.


  • What are the different streams available after Class X?

Science and Commerce


  • What are the optional subjects offered by the school?

Science stream: 1.English (compulsory) 2.Physics 3.Chemistry 4. Maths/Biology/Computer science
Commerce stream: 1. English (compulsory) 2.Accountancy   3.Economics    4.Commerce   5. Maths/Computer Science ( Optional)


  • What are the school timings?

Pre-primary 8.20 to 12.20 (summer)
8.50 to 12.20 (winter)
Classes I to XII 7.25 to 1.40 (summer)
8.50 to 2.05 (winter)


  • Are the parents allowed to sit in the school during the first week for Jr.KG?

Yes. However, do not underestimate your child’s capacity to adapt.


  • When can parents meet the class teacher?

For Pre-primary:  During 12.40 to 1.40 PM (with prior appointment from the help desk)
For classes I to XII- Only on Saturdays (except 2nd Saturday), with prior intimation to the teacher or a note can be given in the almanac.


  • Are students allowed to distribute gifts and sweets on birthdays?

Only pre-primary students may distribute sweets.


  • Are children allowed to wear free dress on their birthdays?



  • What extra/ co-curricular activities will the school provide?

1.Art/craft 2.Participation in the assembly 3.Celebration of all festivals 4. Extra coaching for karate and skating ( optional) 5. Educational/fun field trips 6. Games 7.Various Inter house competitions, interschool competitions. Apart from these we celebrate Founder’s day, Zyfest, Sports day, Annual day, Garba wherein maximum participation of students is ensured.


  • Does the school provide canteen facility?

Yes, from classes I to XII


  • Is there a fixed menu for tiffin boxes of children?

There is no fixed menu for tiffin boxes, but we do not allow junk food.


  • Are Saturdays working?

Pre-primary and Classes I to V have holiday on all Saturdays.
Classes VI to XII have second and fourth Saturdays holiday.


  • What kind of pen is to be used by the students?

Students till classes 4th have to use pencil.
Students of classes V to VIII have to use ink pens.
Students of classes IX to XII have to use gel /pilot pens or Chinese pens.




  • Is transport facility available?
Yes. All routes are displayed on the notice board and also online at our website: www.zydusschool.org. Or, inquiry can be made through the transport manager.

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