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Do you want your child to be inspired? Would you like your child to grow into a confident individual, eager to question, discover new experiences and think independently? If so, then Zydus School for Excellence is the place for your child. The school believes that ‘Learning for Life’ the most important. Learning is about helping children think about new things in new ways. Students here learn to analyze texts and data, not just memorise them. They learn to write and speak with greater clarity and insight. Students learn to solve problems on their own. They learn about the world around them – and how they can make a difference. Zydus School for Excellence's aim is quite simply to prepare your child for life. We strive for this clarity and forthrightness in everything we do; we want your child’s entire learning experience at Zydus School for Excellence to be clear, strong and direct.


Academic Programme

We adopt a teaching methodology that is a mix of traditional and play-way methods of teaching-learning with theme-based teaching at pre-primary level. Remedial and reinforcement classes for providing additional coaching to slow learners are regularly conducted keeping in mind the idea of “No Child Left Behind”.


The school also organises examinations conducted by external agencies such as Macmillan, Science, Math and Computer Olympiads, Hindi and Sanskrit language tests etc which prepare the students to compete with the world at large.

We strive to impress upon the significance of multiple language learning by teaching Hindi, Gujarati, Sanskrit, French and Japanese languages apart from English which is also the medium of instruction.

A lot of exposure to physical activity is provided to students through games and sports like Football, Cricket, Basketball, Kho kho, Table Tennis, Skating, Karate, and Chess etc. Extra coaching is provided for these sports to the students who wish to nurture their sporting talents.

Educators, students and parents benefit from the vast wealth of knowledge that we have in the form of a rich collection of multilingual books and other learning resources in the school library. Educators regularly participate in various refresher courses, workshops and training programmes to update on content and teaching-learning skills.

We believe in experiential learning and labs are the store houses of practical learning. We have well-equipped laboratories for teaching of subjects like Science- Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Math, Computers, Geography and Languages.

Keeping the safety of children in mind the school provides a very efficient bus transport system which eliminates the risks involved with external commercial vehicles.

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