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Zydus School for Excellence places a lot of importance on Parent Involvement. The school believes that learning isn’t just limited to the school but can happen anywhere - in the community, amongst friends, interactions within the family and in the neighbourhood. Parents can make a difference by collaborating in this learning process and being a part of their ward’s development process:


  1. Encourage your ward to develop a reading habit.  Books are the best gift you can give your ward.
  2. Let them feel free to ask questions. An inquisitive mind learns more.
  3. Take an interest in your ward's schoolwork and activities. Encourage them to share what they are learning, look at papers brought home from school, and review homework assignments.
  4. Communicate with your ward's teachers, participate in their learning and attend the scheduled meetings to take stock of your ward’s progress.
  5. Be aware of your ward's strengths and weaknesses and ask what role you can play to help your ward reach his/her potential.
  6. Help your ward apply his/her learnings at home – so that learning doesn’t remain confined to the school.  
  7. Provide exposure to activities and experiences to broaden their understanding of the work around them.
  8. Make learning relevant. Ask your ward to do things such as count money, calculate costs, read the newspaper, write notes or messages to express their feelings.
  9. Spend quality time talking and listening to your child.
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