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     Circular 2018-19


   005 Circular for Mindspark


   004 Educational Trip to Gujarat Cancer Society


   003 Circular for Scholars Trophy 2017-18


   002 Circular for fees Class XI


   002 Ref Circular for Transport fee


   001 Circular for Fee Sr.Kg to X & XII

     Circular 2017-18


  077 Grade - Third language


  076 (d) Circular-Zydus School For Excellence Grade IX-X


  076 (c) Circular-Zydus School For Excellence Grade IX-X


  076 (b) Circular-Zydus School For Excellence Grade IX-X


   076 (a) Circular-Zydus School For Excellence Grade XI-XII


   075 Circular for Costume


   074 E- Invite - Annual Zy-Vista


   073 E-Invite Convocation Ceremony


   072 Circular for Admit Card


   071 Practice for Annual Exhibition –Zy Vista


   070 Kindergarten Educational Trip to ISRO


   069 Circular for Fee Payment


   068 Circular for Class IX Subject Selection


   067 Circular for New Session


   066 Circular for Deworming Tablet


   065 Announcement Circular for Provisional Fee


   064(1A) Jr.Kg Circular for Provisional Fee Payment


   064(1B)(Sr.Kg to II) Circular for Provisional Fee Payment


   064(2) III to VIII Circular for Provisional Fee


   064 (3) IX & X- Circular for Provisional Fee


   064 (4) XI & XII- Circular for Provisional Fee


   063 Third language Grade VI


   062 Session on School Fees


   061 Continuation for New Session


   060 Circular for Students participating in Corporate Annual Day


   059 Boot Camp


   058 Circular for Date Sheet Class XII


   057 Circular for Class XI Kumbalgarh & Haldigathi


   056 Circular for Republic Day 2018


   055 Circular for Sasan Gir Somnath Class X


   054 Circular for S Cube Fun World Class III


   053 Circular for Annual Exam


   052 Circular for Imagica Lonawala Class XII


   051 Circular for PTM classes Jr.Kg to XI


   050 Circular for IMO


   049 Circular for Corporate Day


   048 Circular for Logiquids


   047 Circular for Read to Lead


   046 Visit to Bhuj Mandavi


   045 Visit to Udaipur


   044 Visit to Gir Forest


   043 Vist to Kumbhalgarh – Haldigathi


   042 Visit to Tirupati


   041 Circular for Cal Fest CPS


   040 Circular for Intermediate exam


   039 Circular for Elementary Drawing Exam


   038 Circular for Class XII Fee


   037 Circular for Ma- Vista


   036 Circular for Class X Fee


   035 Circular for Wild life and Environmental Sstudies


   034 Circular for Sports Day


   033 Circular for Unit Test II


   032 Circular for LogiQids


  031 Circular for Fees


   030 Circular for First Open House and Global Fusion Exhibition Jr.Kg to XII


   029 Career Counselling Session


   028 Grand Parents Day Celebration


   027 Garba Night Celebration


   026 Workshop on Healthy and Attractive food habits


   025 Workshop on Online Safety


   024 CBSE U-19 Footbal Tournament


   023 Field trip to Fire Station


   022 Stay Back Circular for founders day


   021 Half Yearly Examination


   020 Khyati World School


   019 Srijan 2017


   018 Divine Fest 2017


   017 Circular for Classes IX & XI Student Registration


   016 Circular for First PTM classes Jr.Kg to XII


   015 Circular for ZYFEST


   014 Circular for Van Transport Kindergarten


   013 Circular for School Transport Kindergarten


   012 Circular for Mindspark Orientation Class 3-8


   011 Circular for UT1 Class 11 & 12


   010 Circular for UT1 Class 3 to X


   009 Circular for Pending Textbooks


   008 International Yoga Day in the City


   007 Regular School Timings


   006 Modified School Timings


   005 Sr. Kg Note Books & Stationery List


   004 Jr. Kg Note Books & Stationery List


   003 Scholars Trophy Ceremony


   002 Modification in Summer Vaccation


   001 Time Modification for April





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