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Dear ALL,


An Institution is not just about bricks and concrete, but about building character, enriching minds with experiences that last a lifetime.”


Trusted for more than 10 years, Zydus School for Excellence, Vejalpur, is fully committed to its goal of providing quality education with a firm belief that every child is special and must be nurtured to his/her fullest potential.


The biggest test for schools today is to prepare students to face the challenges of Global society. We are all being judged these days by a new yardstick – which is not just the knowledge and expertise in the chosen profession or vocation, but also how well we can handle and relate ourselves to others.


Our academic and co-curricular calendars are designed to develop valuable life skills and teach children how to collaborate, communicate and work as a team. We are striving incessantly to infuse in each child skills such as thinking rationally, empathizing with others, being persistent in overcoming obstacles, achieving set goals and being honest to ALL.


Our CONNECT program takes education outside the classroom and involves students in experiential learning, placing significant emphasis on developing leadership and communication skills, self-reliance, compassion and mutual understanding.


We believe in positive reinforcement of good work and good behavior to get the best out of each child. Thus our school philosophy emphasizes on praise, support, enthusiasm and not on being judgemental or on fear, anger and punishment. Nevertheless, no success is achieved without a sense of discipline, hence our students are taught to conform to high disciplinary standards and cherish the values of acceptance and independent thinking.


Parents play an integral role in every child’s success. At Zydus School, the teachers and parents work together to inculcate skills and induce knowledge, reinforce values, and develop a strong sense of self-worth in each child. 

Dear Children always remember, whenever you are faced with challenging goals, a little imagination may help to find a solution but only those who can combine the power of logic and the wealth of new ideas will ultimately succeed.


Good luck for a fruitful session ahead.


Yours truly,


Alka Murthy

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